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Kind Words from Our Pet Parents

Great staff. Have been with Candlewood since 1993, recommend they highly.

Donna D.

Candlewood Animal Hospital is the very best at taking care of my dogs. They are so responsive to my concerns and my dogs' wellbeing throughout their lives from young pups to growing old. All the staff are amazing!

Ellen P.

Always professional, accommodating and extremely pleasant! I’m not sure what we would do without all of you!

Maria B.

Dr Maizel and his team have been taking care of my dogs for nearly 10 years. I have options for vets being in NYC often with my pets and will go out of my way to have my dogs seen here. He diagnosed a rare genetic condition in my papillon a few years ago and through the regimen he prescribed brought him from the brink of death to the best two years of his life before he passed. I won’t ever use another vet for as long as I can. Love the staff also as they helped with Mario until the end and continue to provide such genuine support with my current surviving dog Luigi. Can’t recommend them enough!

Jeanette L.

Staff is friendly, thorough and knowledgeable! They explain everything well and my dog enjoys going there!

Elyse S.

Dr Maizel has been our trusted family vet for over 25 years. Dr Bakewell is a fabulous addition to the practice! She is wonderful- caring, thorough, knowledgeable and all around excellent!

Robyn H.

Great care for our pup! Fast, friendly and always makes us feel he is as important to them as he is to us.

Deb S.

Excellent quality care. They have been caring for my various furbabies, big and small, for over15 years. Caring and responsive to all my concerns. Providing excellent guidance on establishing a nutritionally complete home made menu and vitamin supplement for my Bichion/ Maltese furbaby with a sensitive stomach. His help has been most appreciated in resolving allergy issues both environmental and seasonal . No more frantic itchy dog!

Phyllis S.

Our fur babies are handled with love and care at every visit. So very thankful for the attention and care they receive.

Stefania D.

Wonderful care. I've been using Candlewood Animal Hospital for 5+ years for my two rescue cats, Pip and Boo. Luckily I haven't needed them much beyond regular check-ups and shots but the few times one of my girls has needed attention the vets and staff have been incredible: kind, compassionate, friendly, and genuinely concerned. Our Boo has had a couple of emergencies and, despite being busy, CAH managed to see her straight away, and fix her up. I've also been able to get expert advice by email (at no charge) from the excellent veterinarians there. I feel lucky and hugely grateful to have such high-quality care for my girls so close by.

Nick C.

The Vet, the tech, and everyone else at Candlewood AH go above and beyond to care for your pet and for the pet owner! They gave my new puppy a welcome bag and her first stuffed toy! I HIGHLY recommend!!!

Krit C.

The team at Candlewood is unmatched! I was very nervous moving to a new place, and finding a team to take care of my elderly dogs. The team has been kind, thoughtful, and patient with my endless questions. We had an emergency this week and Dr. Maizel's calm demeanor and expertise saved my dog's life. Dr. Bakewell has been incredible as well! I could not be more grateful!

Jess B.

I had a wonderful experience at Candlewood Animal Hospital! Dr. Maizel and team fit me in on very short notice, and my sweet pup was able to get in and out on a Friday afternoon with the medication she needed to get to feeling like herself again. I can't say enough good things about the team at Candlewood Animal Hospital!

Robin B.

Simon is always so well taken care of at Candlewood Animal Hospital. He is treated with respect and love. His procedure seemed to go smoothly and he did not seem uncomfortable afterwards. The post procedure instructions were easy to follow. Being at this practice is worth the 1hr 15min drive!

Cass C.

Dr.Maizel has been my vet for over 8 years. He has consistently been my rock when it comes to caring for my fur babies. I have 3 dogs who have all had different issues at different times. Maizel has calmed me down on numerous occasions and am so grateful for his practice. My youngest, who has had disc disease since she was a pup is now living her best life in wheels with her brother and sister. I trusted him and you should too! Sometimes a humans need for full recovery isn’t in the animals best interest and he always has their best interest in mind. I cannot say enough wonderful things about him. My happy healthy pups love him too ❤️

Amy T.